Monstre Magique


They are nine dancers, from West Africa (Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal) gathered by the choreographer Amala Dianor for her new creation entitled Siguifin. Following them from the city of Saint-Louis (Senegal) where rehearsals begin, until the first performances in France, the film documents their work and their apprenticeship in the profession of professional dancers. Because these young performers, with singular life paths, are mostly self-taught and have often started dancing in the street. This is the first time they will perform on major European stages. Guided by Amala Dianor, they embark on an initiatory and collective journey, at the frontier of dance and life experience. Thanks to the rigor and generosity of the choreographer, they experience their condition as performers, affirm their particularity and create together a powerful and supportive group.

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